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Should I Share My Insurance Paperwork With My Contractor?

Nature happens. Whether caused by hail, wind or storm damage- your roof needs replaced. If you've contacted your insurance company and filed a claim, that's only half the process. Now you get to choose a contractor. The question is; should you share your insurance paperwork?

In short, yes. Customers are leery about sharing insurance paperwork with contractors and that's understandable. There are those out there only interested in making a quick buck. In other instances, this will help your contractor work within the limitations of the insruance proceeds.

Let's say the contractor may be a little higher than the insurance is allowing or includes things within their roofing "system" that the insurance doesn't cover. Knowing the guidelines in advance will assit the sales-person in getting you the best options for what you need. It could also reduce your out of pocket.

If there's a discprepancy in what the roofing contractor feels should be done versus the insurance adjuster's findings, you can always set up a meeting or have them contact each other. It will only benefit you and everyone will be on the same page.

Remember, it's against the law for any contractor to pay your deductible. As temtping as this may sound, it is simply not allowed. There are things roofing contractors can do to ease the burden such as offer coupons or other discounts.

Always research your roofing contractor before hiring. Google, Angie's List and Yelp are all great ways to check out reviews, pictures and other information you may need.

We hope you never encounter severe storm damage but if you do, ABC Roofing provides free estimates and has a knowledgeable staff trained to assist with insurance claims. Call us for any of your home improvement needs! We're happy to help.

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