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Choosing The Right Indianapolis Roofing Contractor | Why It Matters

Constantly getting knocks at your door? It may be due to the oversaturated roofing and home improvement industry here in Indiana. The oversaturated market not only affects local contractors but undoubtedly leaves customers with so many options, making it hard to choose the right contractor for their home improvement needs. This can be overwhelming. Here are some things to consider when shopping around.

Longevity Matters....

Reviews matter but so does lengevity. It's important to recognize how long a company has been in business. When a company's been around for many years they've most likely seen it all or done it all at some point in their careers and have the experience and product knowledge to address your needs appropriately. With the ever changing market, remember, they're still around for a reason and must be doing somethng right.

Typically, these companies are vested in their community, buidling long term relationships with clients is highly important so they will genuinely pay attention to their client's needs.

Bad Reviews....

Sure, you go all over the internet, check reviews, and research but when just about every roofing or siding contractor has a ton of "great" reviews how do you know you're truly getitng a good, quality roofing or siding contractor?

Good reviews make a company hard to resist but pay close attention the the bad reviews. How did the company handle the customer's complaint or criticism?

Smoke and mirrors can be enchanting but when all the smoke clears, what are you left with? Looking at company responses to bad reviews or offerred resolutions will give you a little insight about the integrity of the contractor and whether or not they'll stand behind their work or how they handle tough situations.

Who you choose now will matter later...

When it's all said and done, you can finally relax and enjoy your beautiful renovations. What happens 5 to 10 years down the road? If you experience issues; will the contractor honor their warranty or return your calls?

Every day ABC Roofing gets calls from clients who hired a company that is either no longer around or won't honor their work. This is usually several years after repairs had been done and the company isn't willing to assist the customer when they're experiencing leaks or improper installation of products. A common phrase we hear is "we regret ever hiring the contractor to begin with." We see this a lot with customers who hired based on price.

At the end of the day, remain vigilant. You can do all the research in the world and still get a bad deal, that's sometimes unavoidable. Just remember, who you choose now will matter later...

Support local, small businesses. Small family owned and opertaed businesses care about quality and value each customer because customers are what drive the business.

ABC Roofing Company, Inc. has been serving homeowners in the Indianapolis area for over 25 years. We appreciate any opportunity to earn your business and look forward to assisting you. Call us today for your free, no hassle estimate. Our team is knowledgable and ready to assist with all of your roofing, siding or window replacement needs.

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