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Your office is located in Avon. Do you service the North side of Indy?

Absolutely! Our service area includes cities within 50 miles of Indianapolis, in fact, the majority of our business comes from the North side such as Carmel, Geist, and Noblesville.


Do you offer financing?

Yes, we offer financing with a variety of options to fit most budgets. Please call the office for more information.


Can you install skylights?

Yes! We have qualified workers to handle skylight installation. ABC Roofing Company Inc installs products such as Velux skylights as well as many others.


Why does it appear that my shingles are not laying flat?

If you recently had a roof installation; the shingles need time for the tar to heat up allowing the shingles to lay down. This time could take up to two weeks depending on the amount of sun exposure and temperature.


Do you have office staff?

ABC Roofing Company Inc's office is located in Avon, Indiana and we service Indianapolis and surrounding areas. Office hours are M-F from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.


How long will it take to install my roof?

We anticipate one to three days depending on the size of your roof. Keep in mind that weather may be a factor as well.


What type of roofing materials do you recommend?

We recommend Certainteed shingles and materials. These are contractor grade materials and we feel they're the best quality on the market, however, we work with each homeowner to ensure we're recommending a shingle that best suits their needs.


Do I get to keep the excess materials?

No, we send out excess material to account for waste and miss measuring that may occur. We leave a bundle of shingles or a piece of siding for “just in case” situations and the home owner may be in need of monir repairs in the future.


Are you reliable?

We have been in business for over 26 years, and have built our business on satisfied customers. ABC Roofing Company Inc. is apart of the BBB and Angie's List. We offer a variety of warranties including a 5 year workmanship warranty on new roof installation as well as manufacturer warranties.


Do you carry Worker’s Compensation Insurance?

Yes, we are fully insured against injury and medical costs incurred on the job. Please contact us for information on obtaining a certificate.


Do you carry Liability Insurance?

Yes, we have a policy that covers both parties in case of a claim. Please contact us for information on obtaining a certificate.


How large is your company?

Our company has approximately 15 employees working directly for us, which includes salesmen, office staff, repairmen, and other employees. We also have three roofing crews that we subcontract. All of our installers are reputable and properly insured. We are large enough to provide you with excellent service and knowledgeable information, yet small enough to ensure that you are a valued customer.


Do you handle permits?

Yes. If a permit is necessary for the installation of your roof, we will coordinate the pulling of permits with the building department of your city in a timely manner.



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