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Wind Damage- Should I Tarp My Roof?

With the recent wind storm that hammered Indiana, home owners are left facing the possibility of leaks. The thought of interior damage on top of what has already occurred to the exterior can be scary.

As always, we want you, the home owner, to be educated. Beware of companies who will automatically throw a tarp on your roof, and have you contact your insurance- especially if you only have a few missing shingles.

- Discuss the damage before allowing anyone to tarp your roof. Find out how large the affected area is.

- If small, 2-3 shingle tabs, a tarp will cause more harm than good.

- Cap nails or staples are typically used when securing a tarp. These will needlessly damage unaffected areas.

- If the underlayment is still present, this should provide a layer of protection for your home. While nothing is 100% this should still aid with protection from the elements.

- Once the area is tarped, if the company has pressed you to contact your insurance company and the agent determines there hasn't been enough damage for a claim- you are now responsible for the area damaged by the tarp as well. Insurance companies will notice whether the damage was incurred from storms or human error.

We understand your concern so if you are still interested in covering the area; we recommend using products such as Reese Raptor or other synthetic underlayments.

These products can cover smaller areas without needlessly damaging the unaffected areas. Whichever way you choose to go- we wish you the best of luck!

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