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Why LP SmartSide?

With so many siding options available on the market; how do you choose? While price is a major concern, you must also consider strength, durability, beauty and value.

LP SmartSide has come a long way in developing a siding that is all of the above. Using engineered wood with a resin saturated overlay and wax, water resistant coat; LP SmartSide is built to last! Additionally, LP added zinc borate to it's siding to resist termite damage. The great thing is contractors can use standard wood working tools for each install and it's designed for easy installation cutting down on the time it takes for each job!

LP SmartSide is tested in one of the most extreme climates in the United States- Hawaii. Known for high rains, humidity and especially aggressive termites, these conditions were still no match for SmartSide.

Pre-primed, LP SmartSide comes ready to paint or you can choose from a variety of colors. With a 50 year Limited Warranty, you can feel confident in your investment. Call ABC Roofing today for your FREE siding estimate!

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