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Updated: Jun 15

With today’s economy, we understand that the cost of replacing your roof may seem overwhelming. Waiting to replace a roof that is in bad shape will most likely cost you more. Not only is there the risk of costly interior damages but you could encounter bad roof decking or rafters which could add between $1,000 to $3,000 more to your bill.

Price increases play a major factor as well. Over the past 3 years, material prices have skyrocketed due to inflation and there’s no sign that those will decrease anytime soon. According to Roofing Contractor Magazine (2022), “ Construction material prices have increased by 20% from a year ago” and we’re seeing costs continue to rise in 2023.

In addition to materials costs- labor and fuel costs are also on the incline making home improvements seem unattainable.

At ABC Roofing, our team works hard to offer high quality installation and materials at a fair price. To help ease the financial burden, we offer coupons, military discounts, and referral credits or take advantage of our financing options- 12 months same as cash or long term, low interest loans. We also provide repair services to get you through until you feel comfortable enough to replace your roof.

Don't wait- call us today for your Free Roof Inspection* (317) 228-9882. We’re here to help!

*Not applicable to Real Estate Listings

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