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Storm Damage-Are you Covered?

With severe weather season upon us, will your home be covered in the event you have storm damage? Many insurance companies have changed what they will cover. Be sure you are aware before you are left paying out of pocket. Some things to think about: 1. How often can you file a claim? 2. Has your deductible increased or changed? 3. While the roof may be covered; are the accessories? (I.E. roof vents, decking, pipes) 4. How much is covered and what will you owe out of pocket? Some insurance companies pro-rate your roof leaving you with a hefty out of pocket amount. They have also changed the way you pay deductibles requiring some to pay a percentage of thier home's value versus your typical flat rate deductible. Be sure you are in the know. Here at ABC Roofing, our team is well versed on assisting our cleients with insurance claims. We do our very best to make the process as stress free as possible for you. Think you've experienced storm damage? Give us a call. Our team would be happy to assess the damage, even before you contact your insurance company to avoid an unnecessary claim. We will provide you with our most accurate and honest opinion. We do more than just roofs! ABC Roofing can also assist with your siding, gutter and window claims.

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