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Indiana's harsh winters can wreak havoc on your home's exterior. As we prepare for Spring weather- it's important to check your home's exterior to prevent potential damages caused by rain, wind, or severe weather.

How do I prepare my house for Spring?


Before getting on your roof, make sure you can SAFELY gain access. We do not recommend getting on your roof if it is steep, more than 2 stories, or you are not comfortable with heights.

  • Check your roof for cracked, loose, or missing shingles

  • Is there significant granual loss? Often times, you can see shingle granuals in your gutters, however, in worst cases- there will be black spots on your shingles from the granual loss

  • Check around roof protrusions (vents, pipes, etc.) to see if there are any exposed nails or if the caulking has pulled away


You can check these while on the roof or from a ladder on the ground.

  • Are you gutters clean from debris? Clogged gutters can cause water to leak into your home

  • Check for sagging gutters

  • Check for any rotting wood where the gutters attach to your home

  • Check for standing water- standing water could mean that your gutters are not pitched properly in turn they are holding water

  • Check for gaps at the miters (where the gutters meet at each end)


  • Check your chimney for missing bricks or stone

  • Check the chimney flashing to see if the caulking or metal are pulling away

  • Check the mortar- even a pinhole can cause water intrusion

Need help with the inspection or repairs?

We recommend annual roof maintenance to extend the life of your roof. This comes with an overall inspection* for all of the above, recommendations, replacing damaged or missing shingles., and caulking all roof protrusions.

Home maintenance is vital to the health of your home. Call us today for your home maintenance needs! (317) 228-9882 "We Keep The Weather Outside"

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