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Signs of Wind Damage

Updated: Mar 27

Roofs are designed to resist typical wind loads but they may become accumulate damage over the years by high winds and debris that is carried by the wind. This can create stress points on your roof that can cause it to become weak and compromise its integrity over time.

When considering wind damage, we tend to think of looking up at our roof and seeing shingles missing or blown everywhere. Truth is- it is not always obvious, and you may have wind damage without a single missing shingle.

What are signs of wind damage on my roof?

Aside from the obvious (missing shingles) below are some things that a qualified contractor looks for during a storm damage inspection.

  • Fallen debris- if you have fallen branches, the contractor will check the roof for small or larger holes in your roof

  • Excessive shingle granual loss

  • Damaged flashing

  • Broken seal- over time or with severe winds, the seal of your roof can become compromised

  • Flapping shingles or shingles that are easily lifted (this may also indicate that the seal has been affected)

  • Slightly cracked or broken shingles

Be sure to let the roofing contractor know if you are experiencing any roof leaks. This may also be indicative of some damage caused by storms.

If you think your home has been affected by storm damage be sure you contact a reputable company for storm inspection. Here at ABC Roofing our team will inspect your roof or siding and provide you with an honest assessment of damages.

Call us today to schedule a FREE, no obligation storm damage inspection. Storm season is almost here and we want your home to be protected.

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