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Rotted Roof Decking

There are many factors that could cause your roofs decking to go bad. Pictured is one example of how insulation was the cause.

In this case, insulation was installed with no barrier between it and the roof's decking. The insulation laid against the wood. This caused condensation to build up with nowhere to go allowing moisture from the condensation to be soaked up by the decking, ultimately causing the wood to go bad.

These can be costly repairs for home owners. For this home, we had to replace the decking in the area and completely reroof this side. This is one example of why you should not trust just anyone to insulate your home. Many companies are selling this service now days but not all are qualified enough when it comes to important details that could harm your home in the long run.

ABC Roofing has been insulating homes in Indianapolis and surrounding areas for years. We know that what other companies overlook or write off as minor details can be very important to our home owners. Call us today for a FREE insulation evaluation. Don't let this happen to you!

Remember, we have 2 locations for your convenience. North 317-255-1629, West 317-228-9882

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