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Roofing - Why Quality and Warranties Matter

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

We all know the saying; "If you think it's expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur". This rings true in the roofing and home improvement industries as well.

ABC Roofing gets calls all of the time from home owner's who have spent their hard earned money on a roof only to have problems later and can't locate the original contractor once the problems arise. This is mostly because they are no longer in business or were not "local" to begin with and came and went with the storms. These home owners did not consider warranties or take the time to research the contractors and are now left with having to replace the roof again. This is what the "fly by night" contractors bank on. They prey on unsuspecting, trusting home owners in their time of need.

With so much competition out there, home owners have an array of roofing contractors to choose from. Ultimately, many choose based on price. Think about it. Everyone gets the same materials at bascially the same price so when you come accross a company offering you very similar work for a fraction of the price; be weary. You may think that you are getting the same deal when in fact, you are not.

Some things to consider:

*Have they assessed your ventilation? This is a VERY important factor. Your roof and ventillation work together as a team. We call it a "roofing system". If you have improper ventilation, you can count on the life of your roof to decrease by at least 20-30%.

*Can they offer a Workmanship Warranty? This is either offerred by the company themselves or through the manufacturer. A quality roofing company will have an agreement with the manufacturer that guarantees the home owner be taken care of for a certain period of time should anything happen as a result of workmanship. This also protects the home owner if that roofing contractor may one day go out of business.

*Is there an extended warranty? What does it cover? You may think the shingle warranty itself protects you but this is, at times, pro-rated and only covers so much.

ABC Roofing wants our home owners' investments to be protected. Your roof IS an investment and we want you to be taken care of. When shopping for contractors we caution you to not only look at price. Look at quality, reputation and warranties. Call us today for a free, honest roofing assessment and we will show you the difference. We also offer services such as siding, gutters, windows, sky-lights and more. We appreciate any opportunity to earn your business.

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