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Roofing: Are Extended Warranties Really Important? Why?

Getting your roof done can be a major expense. Have you thought about the warranty? What does it cover? Is it even important?

ABC Roofing feels that the warranty is just as important as the installer and roofing system itself. Shingle and Workmanship warranties vary based on shingle brand.

Examples of warranties:

Standard Shingle Warranties: Manufacturer offers a standard on shingles and materials ranging from 25 to 30 years. **

Extended Shingle Warranties: Extends the proration period of the shingle, covers application errors

that may have occurred (workmanship) as well as labor and materials. Not all contractors are able to offer these warranties. **

Workmanship Warranties: Covers you should the contractor have made any errors while applying your roof. This means if there were workmanship errors and the company who installed your roof is not around (for whatever reason); you are backed by the manufacturer! **

ABC Roofing provides a standard, 10 year workmanship warranty on most new roof replacements.

**ALL warranties vary based on shingle type, manufacturer, and customer specifications, Call for details

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