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Residential Flat Roof- Maintenance Is Key

Most people don't think about it but residential flat roofs require a bit of annual maintenance. Without it, your flat roof could deteriorate over time causing you unnecessary problems.

A good time to look at your flat roof is during your scheduled gutter cleaning. This makes it easy to remember. Below is some helpful information to help you determine whether or not it's time to contact a professional. There are also some preventative things that you may be able to do. But remember, safety first!

1. Inspect Drains/Pipes: Keep flat roof drains clean and free from debris. If left unattended, the drain will clog leaving standing, or pooling, water which will eventually start to wear down the flat roof material as well as the seal around the pipe (drain) itself.

2. Remove Snow: Clear away snow and ice from the flat roof, if possible, to aid in the roof's longevity.

3. Old/Wearing Materials: Old or wearing materials can lead to the roof losing it's "elasticity" , leading to cracking of the materials. Look at the permieter of the flat roof. In some cases, a UV coating can be applied to help prolong the life of the flat roof.

Some additional areas of concern on a residential flat roof can be the flashing or seams. Flashing on the flat roof can be damaged by moisture, over time, allowing algae growth which begins pushing the flashing away. Overlapping seams or materials in corners and joints can also expand and contract due to weather causing the materials to pull away or crack, compromising the integrity of the flat roof.

It's always a good idea to contact a flat roof professional to assess your flat roof anually. This is typically at no charge to you and will give you an idea of the life of your flat roof and help keep it healthy.

ABC Roofing Co., Inc. would be happy to assist you in evaluating your residential flat roof. Whether it requires repiar or replacement, we will give you an honest assessment. Don't let your flat roof go unattended! Call us today for a FREE evaluation.

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