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Residential Flat Roof - Common Problems

Residential flat roofs can add beauty and unique elements to any home but, are you aware of these common problems?

Flat roofs are difficult to repair. By that, we mean it can be done but it's often tricky finding where the leak is actually occurring. This may mean having the contractor out multiple times to ultimately nail down where the leak originated.

Water: One common problem, the most obvious, is water. Proper drainage is essential to the life of your residential flat roof. In areas where there's excessive rain and snow, flat roofs are not typically recommended. This is mostly due to ice or water and freezing temps that can wear down your flat roof sometimes causing it to expand and contract, really decreasing it's lifespan.

When water is not allowed to drain properly, "pooling" occurs. This is just what it sounds like, a pool of water sits on your flat roof, ultimately wearing down the membrane.

Drainage: Check drains regularly to ensure water can drain from the roof. At times, homeowners have opted to add a slope to the flat roof. This small slope allows water to be routed towards the drains more efficiently.

Maintenance: As with any roof, maintenance is key. It's highly recommended to have a roofing company inspect your flat roof annually. They will look for any obvious signs of deterioration, cracking or flashing issues that need to be addressed.

Flashing: Flashing is often times the cause of a flat roof leak. The flashing has pulled away from a wall or protrusion allowing water to enter. This is a simple fix.

As always, safety first. You can be proactive by getting a ladder and looking at your flat roof. If you notice signs of cracking, peeling or the membrane pulling away, you'll need to contact a roofing contractor to assess and fix the problem. Flat roofs, when properly maintained, can last up to 25 years.

If you feel that the condition of your flat roof is in question, contact ABC Roofing Comapny. With more than 40 years of experience in Indianapolis roofing, our team of experts are here to help. Call us today for your free flat roof estimate at (317) 228-9882.

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