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Painted Soffit Vents: Good or Bad Idea?

Here is an example of a recent job where the soffit vents had been painted. Painting your soffit vents can clog them, blocking the air flow and decreasing your home's ventilation.

Pictured is an example of what can happen when paint, insulation and tree fibers cake your soffit vents. We recommend never brush or roll painting your soffit vents. Paint gets into the screens and clogs the area. Spray paint works best though it is better to stick with the white, brown, or mill finish offered by the manufacturer.

Soffit vents play an important roll in your home's ventilation. If clogged or not functioning porperly, this may cause major problems down the road such as rotted soffit or gutter board. It could even play a major role in decreasing the life of your roof decking due to moisture from condensation becuase your roof cannot breath.

If you're considering painting your soffit vents be sure you're using the proper technique.

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