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Nail Pops | How and When You Should Address Exposed Roofing Nails

Have you noticed rasied shingles on your roof? This is most likely due to nail pops.

What Are Nail Pops?

Nail pops occur when the nail works its way out of the roof decking. They cause the shingle to lift up (pictured), making it easier for wind to blow shingles off the roof.

What Causes Nail Pops?

> Bad roof ventilation and/or lack of attic insulation

> Rotted or warped roof decking

> Improper or angled nailing

> Deteriorated caulking

Nail pops can also be caused by both internal and external factors. Externally, heating and cooling of the roofing material can cause a nail to eventually work its way out. Similarly, internal factors- typically improper attic insulation and ventillation, can cause the same affect by warpng the roof decking, forcing the nail out.

Aside from increasing your chances of wind tearing shingles off of the roof, nail pops can also be the cause of a roof leak. These typically start as small, slow leaks, but have the capacity to be a source of water damage.

How to Fix Nail Pops:

Depending on the severity of the nail pop and any shingle damage tht was caused, they can usually be nailed back down and caulked over to provide a temporary fix. The warranty for this type of repair is usually 30 days.

If the damage is greater, it may require a larger repair which may involve removing and replacing damaged shingles and any bad roof decking.

We reccommend annual roof maintenance where a qualified roofing contractor comes out, walks the roof and addresses nail pops before they become a bigger issue. Roof maintenance packages also include caulking of all roof protrusions and replacing a certain amount of missing shingles.

Just like your car, your roof requires general maintenance. When you're out in the yard, take a few minutes to look up at your roof. If you notice missing or raised shingels, call your local roofing contractor for a roof inspection. It's cheaper to have someone perform annual roof maintenance than to end up paying for damage caused by nail pops or missing shingles due to a lack of general maintenance.

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