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Is Ice and Water Shield Necessary For My Roof?

Ice and water shield is essential to a healthy roof. It's typically offered as an "option" when getting a roof replacement. Home owners sometimes see this as an unecessary, added expense. But, what happens when you opt out of installing ice and water shield?

First, what is ice and water shield?

Ice and water shield protects against wind driven rain, is used to reduce the risk of ice damming and to decrease the possibility of water seapage into your home. Shingles alone can only do so much. Ice and water shield is an extra layer of protection for your roof.

Ice and water shiled is not required but is highly recommended when installing a roofing system. Skipping this very necessary step just to save a few hundred dollars in the short term can cause major problems with your home, as shown in the picture above.

Water will find a way in and if there's an area that's compromised in any way, it will enter the home through this avenue. As we said, shingles alone are can only do so much and they only act as a single layer of protection. Installing ice and water shield protects your decking from water intrusion. Without it, your decking is vulnerable to the elements, espescially when ice is present. Replacing decking is costly and if imoisture is continuously allowed to penetrate an area, your roof's decking will rot over time.

Pictured is a home done by our repair technichian, Jake. Moisture eventually caused the soffit boards and some roof decking to rot. This was due to the absence of ice and water shiled. Had ice and water shield been installed, the damage would more than likely not have occurred or been very minimal .

Jake made necessary repairs to the home and hopefully the home owner won't experience have problems for years to come.

Jake has been with ABC Roofing Comapny for 3 years. His focus on craftmanship shines through in each job and his enthusiasm about home improvements makes him a valuable asset to the ABC Roofing team. Great job, Jake!

If you're experiencing exterior damage that's believed to be from water damage, call us today! Unexpected home improvements can be stressful. Our team of highly skilled technicians is here to help make the process as stress free as possible. ABC Roofing has built it'sreputation on quality and customer service which is why home owner in the Indianapolis area have trusted us for over 30 years!

Pictured is an example of damage caused by lack of ice and water shield

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