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Icicles | Ice Damming- What Does It Mean?

Icicles and Ice Damming- What does this mean for your home? Ice can occur for many reasons. Ice damming occurs when hot and cold air meet on your roof. Heat from the inside melts the snow on the outside which, in turn, re-freezes causing ice damming. While it is impossible to completely prevent ice damming; there are some ways to dramatically reduce the chances.

1. Is there adequate insulation in your attic? The proper amount of attic insulation will help keep an even temperature in your attic, preventing the heat from escaping which causes the snow build up on your roof to melt and re-freeze. 2. Does your home have proper ventilation? Insulation and ventilation play an important role and go hand in hand. They work as a system and allow your home to "breathe" and keep heat from escaping. 3. Should I use Heat Tape on my roof? Heat tape helps to minimize the severity of ice damming and cannot act alone when trying to minimize ice damming. Again, proper attic insulation and ventilation are key factors. 4. Is Ice and Water Barrier necessary when re-roofing my home? Yes. Ice and Water barrier is offerred as an "option" by ABC Roofing becasue not all home owners wish to have it. Ice and Water Barrier is applied to areas of the roof "most vulnerable to water". This will help should you incur ice damming by preventing the water from coming inside the home at the vulnerable areas and acts as another layer of protection from the elements. 5. What can I do if I get ice damming? There are some things you can do as a home owner if ice damming occurs. Roof melts are a good product and are found at the hardware store. Throw the tablets in the area the ice damming to help the ice melt. Roof rakes are also sold in hardware stores and can be used to remove snow from the first few feet of the roof and gutter line to reduce risk of ice build up. It's a good idea to also have areas of your home inspected where air may leak through and have those sealed or properly maintained. Areas such as chimneys, plumbing stacks, attic access doors, bathroom vents, and pipe boots or vents on the roof itself can cause air to enter your attic. Roof maintenance is a good idea throughout the year to better protect your home during the harsh Indiana seasons. ABC Roofing can help with. We offer FREE estimates and our highly trained staff are ready and willing to help in all areas- attic insulation, ventilation, heat tape, roof maintenance and more. Call us today and protect your home from the elements.

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