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Hiring The Wrong Contractor

When people think of roof repairs or siding repairs they tend to picture a small patch job or quick fix. Repairs come in all sizes and are necessary for a variety of reasons.

Featured is a recent job done by ABC Roofing Company Inc. It's the perfect example of how hiring the wrong contractor can cost you.

Repairs required for this home include the following:

* Removal of old lap siding

* Removal of all rotten wood

* Removal of window unit and interior trim

* Replace window

* Install new plywood

* Apply sufficient flashing

* Replace Siding

* Install new interior trim and repair interior drywall

The issue with this home was a lack of flashing. When the siding was originally installed, proper flashing was not applied, allowing water to penetrate the wood around the perimeter of the window. As you can see, overlooking this small yet important step caused a great deal of damage.

Mistakes happen with any company but all too often many crews are not properly trained or cut corners to get the job done quickly and cheap. It's vital that you hire a contractor who values quality and has knowledgable crews. In doing so, you can ensure you're getting the best value by trained staff to avoid these costly mistakes.

ABC Roofing Company Inc. has a highly skilled team of both salesmen and repairmen who work together to provide our clients with top notch service and value. Each job is important to our company.

These photos and the excellent workmanship were provided by Gary, Lead Repair Technician at ABC Roofing Company Inc. Gary has been with the company for six years and works hard to make sure that each job is done to the highest quality standards. Below is the completed product. Great job

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