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Hanging Christmas Lights On Your Roof

Don't you just love the holidays?! Some plan for this all year while others simply don't want the hassle. Either way, if you want that "Clark Griswold house" there are some do's and don'ts. When hanging lights on your roof, we recommend All in One Clips for gutters and shingles, Eave Clips or Clay Tile Roof Clips. These are safe and easy to add and remove. Safety First! When walking the roof, be sure and wear the proper shoes and have someone assist you with the ladder. If you're unsure about where to hang the lights in fear of damaging the roof, YouTube is your friend. If all else fails, hire a professional. Are you hanging lights on your roof or the roof line? NEVER nail or staple lights to your shingles or into the ridge vent! This will damage your shingles leaving you susceptible to leaks. Staples are not a great idea either as they will also damage the shingles, especially when it's time to remove the lights. Whatever you decide to do, have fun with it and have a very Happy Holiday!

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