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Winter is just around the corner. Is your roof ready? When it comes to your roof, preventative maintenance is the best maintenance.

Roof problems don’t always consist of missing shingles and often go unnoticed until it’s too late. It’s important to have your roof inspected annually to prevent costly issues. Older shingles are brittle and are more at risk of cracking or breaking in colder months. While there are other risks associated with waiting to replace your roof- there are ways to combat problems caused by winter weather with annual roof maintenance.

Heavy snow on a roof

Roof maintenance consists of an overall inspection of your roof, checking the seal on all roof protrusions (I.E. pipes, vents, etc.), assessing nail pops, loose or cracked shingles, roof and chimney flashings, and checking for soft spots on the roof. Our team will then provide you with any recommendations. Most packages start at $425.

Leak caused by melting snow

Checking your attic insulation is another vital part of keeping your home protected. Insufficient attic insulation causes heat loss, increased energy bills, strain on your HVAC system, and makes you at a higher risk for ice dams. Lack of attic insulation can also cause frost to form on the underside of your roofs decking which will eventually cause mildew or water damage to your ceilings or walls when the frost melts in your attic.

Frost in attic

Example of ice damming

PRO TIP: Once the weather turns cold, many people turn to their Whole House Humidifier for improved indoor air quality. Remember, it is not recommended that you set your whole house humidifier at more than 35%.

Is your roof ready for winter? Call us for your annual roof inspection today (317) 228-9882. “We Keep The Weather Outside”

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