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DIY Tips For Ice Damming

They are calling for more precipitation and gusty winds here in Central Indiana tomorrow! Be prepared with these easy, DIY tips to help decrease your chances of ice build up on your roof.

1. Roof Rake- Safety first, NEVER get on your roof in attempts to remove the snow and stay clear of the falling snow and ice. (Stand back enough so you aren't in danger). Begin raking the snow about 2-4 feet up from the gutter and pull the snow down. It's ok to leave a little snow, just get the excess.

2. Salt in Panty Hose- The old salt in the panty hose trick actually works, in most situations. (We've tried it on our own homes) Fill some old panty hose with calcium chloride ice melt and throw on your roof, hanging slightly over gutters to prevent ice formation. Is it important to note that you should never use rock salt to avoid damaging your shingles and gutters. May not work in every situation but why not give it a shot? It'll give the neighbors a good laugh anyhow.

3. ROOFMELT Tablets- These can be found at most hardware stores and are fairly inexpensive. Again, safety first, stay on the ground and toss the tablets on the roof along the home. These also help in gutters.

All of these are fairly inexpensive, easy ideas to try and prevent ice damming and can be done yourself. In warmer months, you may want to consider installing Heat Tape. An ABC Roofing associate would be happy to assist you.

Good luck! Stay safe and warm out there.

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