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DIY Gutter Screens

Spring is here! This is a ideal time of year for those outdoor home improvements or maintenance. Let’s start with gutter screens. Gutter screens are an easy, inexpensive way to keep unwanted debris from clogging your gutters. You may think it’s not a big deal but clogged gutters can cause many problems for your home-over time. Don’t want the hassle of doing it yourself? That’s ok, call a professional who offers this service. There are different types of gutter screens. The types we will discuss today are EZ Lock (the most popular) and Diamond Back. Generally, gutter screens are made of powder coated steel. Choosing one vs the other is really a matter of preference but remember, you get what you pay for so be sure you check the pros and cons of each brand before deciding. Cheaper isn’t always better.

Gutter screens are available with and without mesh, with small holes, medium holes- the options seem endless. Some prefer the mesh because it acts as an additional barrier to keep finer debris, such as tree buds or small sticks, from getting into your gutters. Others prefer the standard with no mesh. Again, it’s all about preference. You can find gutter screens at most local stores such as Reese Wholesale, Lowe’s or Menards. So check around for the most reasonable price once you’ve decided which screen is best for you. Screens come in pieces. Measure your gutters around the perimeter of your home. Give the measurements to the professionals and they can help decide how many pieces you’ll need to complete the project. Screens run anywhere from $3.42 to $11.00 per 4 ft piece. Supplies You’ll Need 1.Appropriate Work Gear 2.Ladder (1 or 2 story ladder depending on your home) 3.Drill and a Hex bit 4.Quarter Inch Zip Screws There are two ways you can install your screens. The easiest and most common way is by locking them into place. From there it snaps in and out for easy cleaning. (Gutters do require some maintenance from time to time even with the screens) You may need to screw them into the miters (corners) of the gutter to add security. Screwing them into the top lip of your gutter is a more permanent method and may prove more difficult when it’s time for maintenance. Let’s Begin 1.Safety First- Wear proper attire, i.e. work boots, safety glasses for debris and gloves. Have someone with you to secure the ladder so you don’t fall. Always be aware of your surroundings and stay clear of power lines. 2.Start with Clean Gutters- Make sure your gutters are clean before beginning. It makes no sense to install screens over a gutter full of debris 3.As with most projects, read the directions provided by the manufacturer EZ Lock: 1.Start at one end of the home and work your way down 2.Lock the screen into place. The flat side will go against your home while the curved, latch like side will lock into the inside lip of your gutter. No screws are needed except for the miters or corners of the gutters for added stability. (Unless you choose otherwise) 3.Repeat around the perimeter of the home Diamond Back: 1.Begin at one end and work your way down 2.Snap screen into place 3.Screw into miter if needed (Diamond Back are pressure fit so they won’t blow out) 4.Repeat around the perimeter of the home All done! You won’t have to worry about cleaning gutters for a while. Now sit back and relax.

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