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Need a New Roof? Here are some ways to tell it's time for an evaluation:

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

1. Missing or damaged shingles

2. Shingle granules in your gutters

3. Leaking in your home

4. Moist or rotted wood in your attic

5. Buckling (or wavy) roof

6. Curling Shingles

You can't always tell if you need a new roof just by a visual inspection alone. There may be underlying issues that you wouldn't know to look for. Unnecessary insurance claims can be costly! Call us before making an insuracne claim! It may save you time and money. Let our highly skilled staff at our Indianapolis or Avon offices assist you along the way. We offer Free Estimates and have years of experience in dealing with insurance companies/claims. Our team here at ABC Roofing Co. Inc. is here to serve you and will not give you false information regarding the state of your roofing, siding, gutters, or windows. Call us today!

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Gutters old, Not Properly Functioning? When is a good time to call?

1. It may not always be your roof causing the leak...sometimes it can be your gutters!

2. You may notice water draining from the seals of the gutter...this means your gutters are no longer sealed properly and are old and need to be evaluated.

3. Areas of your gutters that clog consistently may be from improper gutter pitch. Drainage cannot occur causing water with nowhere to go but in your home.

4. Are the gutters pulling away from the home? This may indicate a problem with the gutter board, old gutters, or you may simply just need them to be reattached.

5. Look at the surface of your gutters. Are there cracks? If so, this could cause gutters to drain improperly or depending on the location of the cracks, cause water to leak into your home. Small cracks can become large quickly.

Think about YOUR gutters. Is it time to call us? We Offer Free Estimates for Gutters too!

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