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You might be thinking- too much ventilation can’t be a bad thing. The more ventilation the better, right? Not exactly.

Too much attic ventilation causes what we call “unbalanced ventilation.” Multiple types of exhaust ventilation will confuse each other which decreases essential airflow in your attic leaving the hot or cold air to just stay there. In hotter months the heat stays in your attic and basically cooks your roof from the inside. In colder months, you will experience frost on the underside of the roof deck, more ice dams, and moisture. Your attic needs to “breathe” or release the air.

The affects of unbalanced ventilation

· Decreases the life of your roof and roof’s decking

· Voids your roof warranty- manufacturers require proper ventilation

· Moisture in your attic

· Increased risk of mold

· Decreased R value of attic insulation

· Higher than average HVAC bills

· Increased wear & tear on your HVAC system

· Decreased comfort levels in your home

The Golden Rule of ventilation is to NEVER mix 2 types of exhaust ventilation!

Some examples of unbalanced ventilation

Replacing your roof is an investment. Protect your investment by hiring not only the right contractor but a knowledgeable one. We encourage our clients to do their research before replacing their roof. is a great place to learn about the proper ventilation for your home. Check out this short video from Air Vent on why you should not mix ventilation types.

Our team goes through annual training to learn about updates made to ventilation and refresh their skills so that they can ensure you’re getting an efficient roofing system. Call us, we’re happy to help! (317) 228-9882 “We Keep The Weather Outside”

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