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clogged downspouts and ice damming

Snow and ice build up in your gutters can cause many issues. After a winter storm, it's important to manage the snow/ice build up in your gutters. It's also vital that you keep a clean path at the bottom of your downspout so water is able to drain properly once the snow/ice start to melt.

Clogged gutters due to ice build up will obviously not drain properly. This can cause issues such as:

  • Gutters pulling away from the home due to the weight of the ice

  • Leaks on your interior walls, into a basement or crawl space due to water build up due to drainage issues caused by ice build up or clogged downspouts

  • Snow and ice not being able to drain properly from your roof

As we've said before, if water has nowhere to go, it will find a path and that's usually straight into your home.

If you have snow and ice build up in your gutters, here are some ways to reduce your risk of water intrusion into your home.

  1. Install heat tape

  2. Toss a roof/ice melt tablet on the affected area- this is a salt tablet that will aid in melting the ice dam

  3. Salt in panty hose- fill up old panty hose with rock salt and toss over the affected area to melt the snow and ice

If you're interested in installing heat tape or have a leak due to ice damming- call us today for your free estimate! (317) 228-9882 "We Keep The Weather Outside"

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