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When considering gutter guards, the options seem endless. Choosing the right gutter guard for your home can be a task.

When shopping around for gutter guard, here are somethings to consider:

· Do you have problems with leaves, pine needles, or both?

· Is your home steep? Some gutter guards won’t allow for water to flow easily into your gutters causing water to pour over like a waterfall on steep roofs

· How much time do you want to spend on maintenance each year? No gutter guard is maintenance free, but some may reduce the time you’ll spend cleaning them off each season

· Cost vs Your Needs- some gutter guard brands brag of quality and longevity but can be costly. Consider your need for a fancier system vs a more cost-effective guard.

Water damage to gutter board, fascia or even your home’s foundation can be caused by clogged gutters. It’s important to keep your gutters clear of debris.

Here are what we feel are some great options for gutter guards!

Diamond Back Gutter Covers: 22-gauge steel base with powder coated aluminum base and black aluminum mesh screen. Options include with or without mesh, small or large hole screens available

EZ Lock Gutter Screens: Medium debris load, Powder coated steel, small or large hole screens available

Hallett Gutter Covers: According to Hallet, their one-piece, patented design clears away more leaves and debris than gutter guards with holes, slots, or mesh.

No matter which gutter guard you choose- our team is here to help! Call us for your Free Estimate today (317) 228-9882 “We Keep The Weather Outside”

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