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Beware of Storm Chasers

When there are storms you can be sure there will be "storm chasers". We say this time and time again yet we still have home owners that get scammed by these fly by night roofing companies. They flood areas that have been hit by storms by getting the information from the media. This is how they get business. Storm chasers operate out of office suites, set up a temporary store front and prey on unsuspecting home owners by purchsing a local phone number and are gone once the business runs out.

How They Operate:

Storm chasers know how to push you! They hit you at a time where they feel you are most vulnerable. Never act based on one estimate! Get several opinions from various companies so you know where you stand. If they push to meet with your insurance agent, beware! Just contacting your agent can be considered as opening a claim and can count against you. These companies will try and fast talk you and your agent.

For example; a home owner recently contacted us stating that a "fly by night" roofing company knocked at her door 5 TIMES A DAY! One showed her a video of "hail damage" on her roof. She looked at the video and it wasn't even the same color as her roof! We looked at it for her and found there to be no damage. She just avoided unneccessary claims to her insurance.

Storm chasers offer a lower price in hopes that you will sign with them but often won't restore your roof to it's original state, cut corners and are not detailed.

Protect yourself! Look at warranty coverage and information, ask for references and search the business reviews and locations. Contact a reputable, local company.

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