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Annual Roof Maintenance | DIY Checklist

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

It’s the time of year again! Is your home ready for the fall/winter weather? We’ve compiled a simple list for you to ensure your homes exterior can withhold the high winds, heavy rain, snow, and ice this season.

Taking some time out of your busy schedule to check your home will help reduce your risk of damage.


The easiest (and quickest way) to assess your roof is to walk around the perimeter of your home. Look for loose or missing shingles. It should be obvious. If you can safely get on your roof- you can assess the roof more closely.

Check for exposed nail heads (pictured) These can be fixed by simply caulking over the exposed nail heads.

Be sure to look for lifted shingles. Nail pops are the most common cause of lifted shingles and make it very easy for wind to tear the shingles off. It also makes your roof more susceptible to a leak because the nail is lifted and no longer protected by the shingle which could allow water to intrude during heavy rain

Look for holes in your roof from critters. The most common areas are at the gutter lines, ridge cap (on top of your roof), and at the soffits


Check for loose siding. If your siding is loose, odds are the wind will come through and either tear it partially away from your home or rip it from the home altogether


Combat leaks by simply caulking roof protrusions. Caulking eventually fails, it’s just an unfortunate fact. Caulking expands and contracts with the seasons, causing separating from the area. This usually happens around pipe boots, vents, and around windows.

Resealing these areas will help to reduce your risk of a leak

Tree branches:

To avoid roof damage from a fallen tree limb, trim tree branches that hang near the roofline, if you’re safely able.

Gutters and Downspouts

Clogged gutters and downspouts can cause a multitude of problems such as:

Water overflow. Debris in your gutters does not allow your gutters to function properly. Water cannot flow away from your home and will, in most cases, flow right over the gutter which can cause issues if you have a basement or crawl space. This can also cause your gutters to back up and water has nowhere to go other than, you guessed it, inside your home. This is especially common with steep roofs.

Clogged downspouts: Even if your gutters are clear, clogged downspouts prevent the water from exiting the gutter system. This is especially true for inground units or extenders. This could eventually spell big problems so make sure they're clear.


Issues with an improperly maintained chimney are often mistaken for a roof leak.

Here's what you can check for:

Cracks or holes in the mortar. Even a pinpoint hole can cause water intrusion

Make sure you check your chimney cap. Rusted or missing chimney caps allow water to come down your chimney, on walls, or into a ceiling- depending on where the chimney is located

Wood or Vinyl chimney chases can cause several issues as well. Be sure to keep up on regular maintenance if you have either of the two. Wood chimney chases or facades are notorius for rotting away and causing leaks.

Obviously, we urge safety first! If you cannot safely access your roof to perform a check, most roofing contractor Indianapolis offer Roof Maintenance Packages. A Roof Maintenance Package typically includes all of what we suggested.

Our team is trained to spot the most complex and preventative issues that may cause you troubles in the long run. Call or email us today to schedule your annual roof maintenance.

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