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Bone Dry Roofing

Low-slope, or flat roofs gain popularity in some residential neighborhoods. As homeowners try to maximize the square footage of their homes and adhere to building regulations in their neighborhood, some architects and builders are recommending low-slope roof designs. The Wall Street Journal recently reported realtors say homeowners are seeking low-slope roofs because they result higher ceilings inside and the possibility of roof top decks are appealing.


No roof should be actually “flat” – though they appear that way to you from the ground; every roof should be designed to have an intentional slope for water drainage. Problems with flat roofing are common and usually more difficult to diagnose because most often the leak area is not located where the water is appearing in a building. Your residential roof should have NO areas of standing water.  Standing water is always a sure sign of a problem and can be caused by sagging roof decking or poor drainage planning.


ABC Roofing Residential Roofing in Indianapolis has been repairing and installing residential flat roofs for decades.  We have witnessed  many interesting issues!  Old buildings, new construction, remodels, you name it, when it comes to residential roofing in Indianapolis Indiana, we’ve done it…and with outstanding results.  We have very strong long running relationships with the best residential roof manufacturers.  This provides you with an assurance of high quality work and the best guarantees.


Improper installation of flat roofing can result in major problems that will most likely compromise the water tight integrity and possibly the structural integrity of your roof. At ABC Roofing, we do not sacrifice quality for cost. We use only the highest quality products and materials and stand behind all of our roofing jobs. Be assured that your low slope roof will be installed properly and will perform correctly.


Get the best guarantees, quality and value from Indianapolis' #1 Roofing Contractor for your residential roof project.

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