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By ABC Roofing, Mar 24 2020 05:19PM

During the COVID-19 outbreak, the safety of our customers and employees is our highest priority. According to Executive Order 20-8, laid out by Gov. Holcomb on 3/23/2020, construction and building trades have been deemed essential businesses.

We will remain open during the 'Stay at Home Order' and operating at limited capacity. In order to keep our team and customers at minimal risk, we are following strict guidelines laid out by the CDC.

Limited Capacity/Risk Reduction:

> No Contact Appointments- Our sales team is prohibbited from entering homes or businesses for an estiamte. Appointments that require access to the inside of a structure will be rescheduled after April 7th.

> Our sales/office staff are prohibited from shaking hands or having any physical contact with customers and to stand at least 6 feet away during an appointment

> Hand sanitizer is being provided to our team with field instructions for use

> We're encouraging our customers not to have contact with our reps while onsite and to discuss questions via phone or email. If they choose to have contact, we ask they follow the same guidelines set forth by the CDC.

We're commited to the well being of our team and community. It is certain there will be tough times ahead for many and our thoughts and prayers go out to you all. Please, stay safe and if you need us, we're here.

By ABC Roofing, Mar 10 2020 05:58PM

Ventilation is highly important for the health of your home. It's what allows your home to breathe. Attic insulation and ventilation work together as a team.

The most common mistake during an attic insulation install is usually the soffit vents being covered, therefore clogging or blocking air-flow (pictured). This will cause you major problems down the road.

What happens if my soffit vents get clogged?

Lack of ventilation in your attic causes condensation on your roof's decking (pictured)- this will eventually lead to the wood warping and decrease the life of your roof.

This can also cause damage inside your home which is often mistaken for a roof leak but it's actually due to lack of proper ventilation. Condensation will eventually lead to water stains on your ceilings.

If your soffit vents are blocked they can't do their job. Moisture from condensation could lead to issues with mold and mildew in your attic and on the insulation itself, which could cause health problems.

When installing attic insulation on your own, it's important to research proper techniques to prevent causing yourself bigger issues in the future.

We hope you found this imformation helpful. Call us for more information!

Clogged Soffit Vents-Improperly Installed Attic Insulation
Clogged Soffit Vents-Improperly Installed Attic Insulation


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