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By ABC Roofing, Jan 17 2019 04:41PM

Replacing your roof can be expensive but how do you know when it's time to replace your roof instead of making repairs? Home improvement decisions are not all cut and dry. It is possible, and understandable, to repair your roof rather than replace it. Which route you take depends on the several factors, including the type of damage and what percentage of the total roof surface is in need of repair.

When It's Ok To Repair

Our roofs are exposed to all kinds of elements so it's only natural that you'll most likely experience a missing shingle or two over the life of your roof. Replacing a few missing shingles is a simple fix and should be done within a timely manner to avoid further damage to your roof's underlayment and decking.

When larger repairs are needed, that's when you may want to weigh the pros and cons of just doing a simple repair. Diagnosing and repairing an area that's leaking or has extensive damage is a whole other beast, especially if the contractor didn't install the existing roof. There may be workmanship or material issues that are out of the new contractor's control. Repairing someone else's work can sometimes be tricky.

Think of it this way, it's like asking someone to touch up a Picasso and expect it to be perfectly accurate. Reparing a roof leak is like putting a bandaid on it and is not a guarantee that your problems will go away. It can be tough to pinpoint the exact area where the leak is occurring and it's not an exact science. Often times the contractor is doing the best they can to give the most accurate assessment and repair options based on what's in front of them and may need to come back to attempt other repairs until your issue is resolved. This can cost you in the long run.

When It May Be Time To Replace Your Roof

If you're one of the lucky ones, your roof will make it to the end of it's lifetime before you need a roof replacement- typically 20 to 30 years depending on your location and the climate in your area. However, if you experience one or more of the following issues, it may be time to start getting estimates on a roof replacment.

Granules In Your Gutters

When cleaning your gutters, check for large amounts shingle granules that have fallen into your gutters. Granules protect your shingles and matting from the elements.

Missing Shingles With Each High Wind

Shingles that blow up with each high wind mean the roof could be failing, there's a workmanship or material issue. Over time, this could cause a roof or compromise the integiry of your roof.

Persistent Roof Leaks

Recurring roof leaks in multiple areas is usually a bad sign. This typically measn your roof is compromied in some way which could cause more damage to your roof's decking, attic insulation, and interior.

Sagging Roof

A sagging roof is a bad sign. There are various reaosns for this, most common being bad decking due to inadequate ventilation. With each roof replacement, be sure your contractors installing the right amount and type of ventilation for your home. It's a good idea to check your attic insulation at that time as well.

Curling Shingles

In some cases, home owners simply wait too long to replace the roof and the shingles are down to the bare bones causing the curling to occur. Other times this could mean your roof is defective. Either way this is an issue that needs to be addressed right away.

Doing regular, annual maintenance on your roof is highly recommended. The best times are Spring and Fall, just before and after the harsh winter weather. Roofing contractors in Indianapolis usually run specials throughout the year called Roof Maintenance Packages or Roof Tune Up Specials.

Roof Maintenance Specials are fairly inexpensive and consist of a roof inspection, caulking roof protrusions (vents, pipe boots, etc), fixing nail pops and an inspection of the chimney flashing. The contractor typically provides a report for this as well as a best guess on how much life your roof has left and any recommendations from the inspection.

Bottom line, take care of your roof or it will cost you.

By ABC Roofing, Jul 11 2018 03:36PM

Gutter covers come in a variety of styles. Before choosing which style or type of gutter screen, here are some things to consider.

The Need

It's a good idea to frist look at your reasons for considering installing gutter covers or screens. Seems like the reason should be pretty obvious, right?

There are a variety of reasons people turn to gutter covers.

1. Debris (the obvious reason) but which type of debris is gathering in your gutters? There are maple spinners, leaves, pine needles, and if you live in a wooded area-so much more! This will help when deciding which gutter covers you'll want installed.

2. Snow and Ice- Some homeowners think that by installing solid gutter covers, snow and ice won't collect causing potential ice damming in the gutters. Wrong again. Snow and ice will just build up on top of the covers or seep into the gutters, causing the same issues. So if this is your reasoning, keep researching.

3. Rain- So many customers call us with concerns of water overflow with heavy rains. It's thought that by installing solid or mesh covered gutter guards this will somehow solve the problem. Truth is, it will probably make it worse. Water overflow can wreak havoc on your home due to soil erosion, basement seepage, or leaks. Gutter covers will literally cause a waterfall with heavy rains if you already have this issue. It's best to consider water diverters or other methods when experiencing water overflow.

Roof Pitch

If you have a steep roof you may want to steer away from any mesh covered gutter screens, solid gutter covers or small hole screens. As discussed above, this will likely cause water overflow with heavy rains.


This is an important factor. Never fall for sales tactics claiming gutter covers are "maintenance free." Before choosing, you really need to think about how much time you're willing to set aside for maintenance. Some people think that by installing gutter covers or screens, their responsibility ends and the gutter covers never need attention. Wrong. Some debris will still collect on top of the screens, covers or gutter guards and you'll need to regularly spray off with a hose or sweep debris off of the area.

Remember, gutter covers are not miracle workers. Regular maintenance is still required to free the area of debris.

Style and Cost

Different styles come at different costs. Some gutter covers can be quite costly. Is it worth it?

As we stated above, no gutter guard, cover or screen is maintenance free. If you're looking for something simple to simply reduce the time you have to spend on your gutters, you may want to consider EZ Lock screens. These are fairly inexpensive and are available in small hole, regular hole and with or without mesh.

If you live in a heavily wooded area, Diamond Back Gutter Screens may be the thing for you. Like the EZ Lock, Diamond Back Gutter Screens also come in a variety of styles, most popular being the mesh covered. The mesh is designed to keep debris completely out of your gutters but again, you'll still need to clean off the screens every so often.

Another popular option are Hallett Gutter Covers. Again, there are many varieties but the most common Hallet Covers are the solid, aluminum gutter covers. They brag that with "no mesh, holes or slots to catch debris, water will follow the curved surface into the the narrow opening of the gutter and debris will fall over the edge, virtually eliminating build-up and messy gutter cleaning."

As you can see, there's alot more than you think when considering gutter covers or screens. If you're considering gutter covers or screens, do your research or contact one of our knowledgeable consultants today. ABC Roofing Company, Inc. has been serving homeowners in Indianapolis and surrounding areas for over 20 years! Call us today for a FREE assessment at (317) 228-9882.


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